The story of the Kolarova chata

Kolářova chata is one of the most famous tourist cottages in the Beskydy Mountains. The cottage stands at the intersection of several hiking trails – whether from Morávka, to Kamenitý or to Horní Lomná.

Hadaszczokova útulna

The story of Kolářova chata in Slavíč began in 1899. That was when Hadaszczok’s wooden shelter was opened for the first time. This name was not accidental. The shelter was named after the founder of the German tourist association Beskidenverein, Johan Hadaszczok.

Hadaszczokova útulna
Hadaszczokova útulna

Kolářova chata, fire and the construction of a new cottage

It was not until later in the 1920s that we come across the name Kolářova chata. This is due to the fact that Jan Kolář rented it during this period. In 1930, the former shelter burned down and Jan Kolář built a new cottage near the ruins.

The foundations of the original shelter from the nineteenth century have been preserved to this day. In 1931, a new cottage opened and soon everyone knew about it. Little by little, it became the most famous cottage in the Beskydy Mountains. Even Petr Bezruč, one of the most famous Czech poets, was a frequent visitor of this place in the 1940s.

Kolarova chata v roce 1931
Kolarova chata v roce 1931

Kolářova chata also remembers the Second World War. During this time, it went to rack and ruins. Then it had to be taken to pieces in 1949. It was a very sad time.

Fortunately, thanks to restitution in 1989, the descendants of Jan Kolář regained the building. The whole cottage was repaired again and in 1991 reopened to tourists and to the public.

The well-known cottage thus continued to serve all passers-by not only as a restaurant, but also as a hostel.

Kolářova chata Slavíč

A new era, a new cottage

In 2019, the cottage was bought by new owners. They immediately embarked on a major reconstruction, which the cottage necessarily required.

In addition, they built a new cottage next to the original one. Besides the accommodation, it also offers a large venue for social events, accommodation and a modern outdoor wellness.

Every visitor will find something for themselves here. The spirit of history and nostalgia as well as the modern equipment. It is a great fortune that Kolářova chata has survived so many periods, regimes and owners; that tourists still have a place to take a break from the hike and have tapped beer or homemade cabbage soup. We wish that Kolářova chata will remain one of the most famous places in the Beskydy Mountains.

Today, you can stay in both the original and the new cottage, organize a wedding or any other celebration or corporate event. The new cottage has a large venue for 104 guests, if you would like to celebrate in the original cottage, you can make a smaller celebration for up to 20 guests.

Stará Kolářova chata dnes
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