You can enjoy pure nature all around you together with the beautiful views of the valley. The environment encourages you to organize a natural wedding, or a wedding in a vintage and boho style. Winter weddings definitely have a unique atmosphere here too.

Wedding ceremony

The meadow behind the New Cottage is the place for a natural wedding ceremony. Come and see for yourself. The magic of the mountains will fascinate you.
We will prepare a wedding arch for you, decorate the ceremonial place, supply chairs for your closest ones and in case of light rain we have a roof for the bride and groom.

In case of bad weather, the wedding ceremony can be held directly in the party hall.

We are happy to recommend the wedding menu. Also, we are able to prepare meals for guests who have catering restrictions.

We are happy to recommend the wedding menu. We will also prepare meals for guests with catering restrictions.

Practical information

What is the capacity of the wedding hall?

You can celebrate your wedding day with a total number of 104 people. We are one of the few wedding venues in the Beskydy Mountains, where 100 guests can fit.

Do you also provide accommodation?

Yes, accommodation for wedding guests is available. We accommodate a total number of 65 people.

What venues can we use for a wedding?

You can use a wedding hall with the capacity of 104 people, a ceremonial venue and outdoor seating. Of course, you can move freely within the surroundings of Kolářova chata.

What are the options for a wedding ceremony?

The wedding ceremony can be held in two places, namely the meadow behind the new cottage, where you have 100% privacy, or the meadow in front of the new cottage, where you can meet tourists.

The wet scenario of the ceremony: We have prepared a smaller tent to cover the couple and the priest. We can also do the wedding ceremony in the wedding hall.

Who decorates the wedding venue?

If you are interested, we can arrange the entire decoration for you, including flowers. You can also decorate the hall yourself. It’s up to you.

When can we start decorating the place and by what time do we need to remove the decoration?

You can come the day before the wedding. You can check-in and start decorating from 2pm.

After the wedding, the decoration must be removed by 10am the next day.

What about catering, alcohol and cakes?

We will take care of catering. Alcohol is subject to the so-called corkage fee according to the number of people.

Sweets, cakes and a sweet bar can be completely under your control.

How is it at night?

You don’t disturb anyone with the music here. So, you don’t have to worry about breaking the quiet hours.

Who will take care of us on the wedding day? Who has the main responsibility?

Our staff, headed by the Event Manager Zuzana Dudová, will take care of you throughout wedding day and will communicate with you before the wedding.

What about parking?

The complex is located in the PLA. Therefore, the parking capacity is for a maximum of 15 vehicles.

Transport to Kolarova chata?

There are two roads leading to us, from Horni Lomna or from Moravka. We recommend the road from Moravka, it is a paved forest road. However, the entry is banned on both sides, but we will issue you the permits.
As part of the comfort for the wedding guests, we have two 8-seater cars available, which we can use to take you and your guests from Moravka. More information on how to reach us can be found here.

Host your wedding at Kolarova chata